This campaign was inspired by the D&AD Lad Bible brief. The campaign is a feature for Lad Bibles site: Pretty 52. I chose Pretty 52 because the site has honest and realistic conversations for women. A balance of serious and fun articles.
Tell Me Tarot revolves around the positive change of self love. The 5 Caterogies of Pretty 52 (News, Entertain, Taste, Style and Life) turn into tarot cards. Creating a feature on Pretty 52 that will get the reader to answer questions on how they feel and what they want/need. The feature will organize and customize the articles, giving the reader their category tarot card that is best suited for their health and mood.
This campaign consists of a feature video, bringing awareness and promoting the Tell Me Tarot Campaign.  As well as a website, showing the Tell Me Tarot feature!
Advertising Campaign. Film. Female Empowerment.
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